Hello and welcome,

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit us. Our prayer for any who either intentionally or accidentally comes across this site is that within these pages you will discover information and principles that will help you to build, edify and strengthen your marriage as well as your family in a holistic way.

Our goal is to challenge the traditional and current cultural patterns of thinking with new paradigms from the Scriptures, God’s Word. Our prayer is that we may be a catalyst in your life that will “ignite” a heart that is committed to “Restoring Passion For The Family”.

Now if you’ve been burned by religion or religious people, don’t go anywhere. Before you bail out and click on the “close” button, give us a moment of your time, you have nothing to lose. You can always “x” us out at any other time you wish right?

In order to have the greatest success and satisfaction in life, marriage or a family for that matter, we must go to the one Who created us, the first institution ever made, “marriage” and of course the family. God has all the answers that we are searching regarding our lives. By the same token, marriage and the family have never been a man-made idea, it has always exclusively been God’s idea.

Navigating within “Him, Her & Them”, should be simple. You will have the option of searching for specific information by categories such as Marriage 101, Parenting 101, Family 101, Husbands 101, Wives 101, Men 101 or Woman 101. So let’s take a walk down one of life’s great paths on this journey called life. Will you come with us as we explore the great wonders and adventures of men, woman, marriage and family? There’s more than enough room for us all this road, so let’s go!


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