Foreign threats are usuallyb the easier of the two to recognise. Domestic threats are more challenging. These include but are not limited to dishonoring, disrespectful and or abusive kids. Don’t allow your children to selfishly use and abuse your wife. Don’t allow your children to make a slave out of your wife.

Another domestic threat are family and or friends. We all have them. These are individuals who constantly gossip, mock, disrespect, divide, lie, use, belittle, joke or leech off of your loving and caring wife until she’s sucked boned dry. Stand up for her and create perimeters around her that no one can penetrate.
Family members are the hardest to deal with, but as a husband you must protect your wife from ALL threats including fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, etc. No one has greater authority in her life now than you her husband. It may not be comfortable, but it’s a commandment.

Lastly, protect your wife from yourself. There are husbands who think they married a servant and slave not a wife. There are men who don’t lift a finger to lighten the load of domestic house work or child rearing. There are men who are selfish, self-centered and self-absorbed. These men abuse their wives physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. Cowards! You’re men without chests.
If this describes you, then protect your wife from yourself by repenting and renewing your mind so you may become the man and husband that loves his wife so much that you’ll selflessly give your life for her.
Be a real man…PROTECT YOUR WIFE!


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