Marred Images

14663472-Man-with-a-cracked-face-Stock-Photo-dehydrationMarriage is two “marred images”, being remade into the perfect image of God. Marriage is a journey not a one day event. It is a long process not a final arrival.

It’s difficult to admit that we’re less than perfect flawed human beings. Yet imperfect and flawed are exactly what we are. The sooner we acknowledge we need work, the sooner we as individuals and by default our marriage, will benefit.

The marital process of becoming “OneFlesh” is the adventure of a lifetime. But it can quickly become the bane of our existence. Marriage will either be the closest thing to heaven or hell on earth.

So acknowledge that neither you nor your spouse will ever be perfect. Free yourself from that lie. Begin to work on yourself. Learn to become more patient, kind, gentle, free of jealousy and pride. Learn to be the best you you’ve been created to be. A great life or marriage don’t just magically happen, it takes intentional consistent work. Enjoy the “One Flesh” journey!


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