Don’t Quit, There’s Hope

FB_IMG_1509448302744.jpgDON’T QUIT…He Who began a good work in you is FAITHFUL (though we can be faithless) and WILL complete what He started in and with your marriage. -Philippians 1:6

MARR-IAGE. Though we are image bearers of God, I’m, we, all of us are imperfect marred images. But in Christ there’s hope.

MARRiED. None of us are perfect. Because of sin, I’m, we, all of us are imperfect and marred. But there’s hope in Christ.

Marriage or to be married, is the union of two imperfect and marred images who are image beareres of God; being made, built and transformed through Love, into the perfect image of Christ Who IS Love.

Don’t ever give up…in Christ there’s always HOPE!


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