Boots Are For Stomping

wp-1460375485982.jpg MANHOOD IS SYNONYMOUS WITH CHRISTLIKENESS…then are we as men being like Christ?


If husbands are to love their wife as Christ loved the church and gave His life for her, then are we loving our wife by giving our lives for her?

Husbands, whenever your marriage or family are under attack by darkness, you and I are not to stand idly by; we are to take action and crush the serpents head.

Remember when Satan attacked Eve in the Garden of Eden, the first Adam idly stood by and played along. He failed to protect his wife, marriage and family. So God made a promise to correct Adam’s cowardice, He promised that the second Adam would “crush the serpents head”.

Christ the second Adam came to demonstrate how man was originally intended to operate and function upon Earth. He is the embodiment of God’s idea, intent, plan and purpose for man.

Christ did what the first Adam failed to do, He fully and completely destroyed the works of the devil. Christ disarmed principalities and made a public spectacle of them all. He paraded and shamed them before Heaven with the greatest ticker-tate parade ever. Christ annihilated every threat that darkness posed against His Bride the church.

In short, Christ crushed the serpents head. Men, husbands, fathers, are you going to stand idly around while Satan toys and destroys your marriage or family? Or will you stand up and squash the serpents head? Don’t continue to imitate the first Adam’s failure, follow the second Adam King Jesus Christ…STOMP THAT REELING HEAD!

So how do we go about stomping on whatever head has risen up against us, our heritage or family?

The same way Christ did. Christ used the authority of God’s Word to subdue and subjugate every high thing that exalted itself against the knowledge of Christ. He pulled down every stronghold that was disobedient to God’s decrees, by taking them captive like a prisoner of war being led with the tip of a spear pressed up against his back.

Men we can do this because we’re created in the image and likeness of God, after His nature and character. Christ came to reveal and unleash the God-given hidden potential that we all as men have dormant inside of us.

Being a coward is not part of your spiritual DNA, courage and fearlessness is. Stand up and crush every high-thing that tries to raise havoc in your life, marriage or family. Never ever again stand idly by and allow darkness to mess your with your family…BOOTS ARE MADE FOR STOMPING, QUIT WEARING THEM AS A FASHION STATEMENT!


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