Quit Cloning Your Child


I’VE FAILED AS A PARENT…if I shaped and molded my son to be just like me. Why?

My son is created in the image and likeness of God, not in mine. To conform him or even worse, to make him feel and believe he’s to be conformed to be just like me, in my image and likeness or he’s failed; would not only be idolatrous, but disastorous.

I understand that the pride of patents is to say, “My children look, think and behave just like me. They’re a chip off the ol’ block”. But this mindset is destructive. Furthermore, to hang a burden on a child neck that forces then to become “like us”, something that they’ll never be able to achieve because every individual is unique and original; is evil.

Parents are to help children discover, identify, harness and release their God-given identity, potential and purpose. Each child is unique with their own life-assignment. They’re not necessarily here to take-over and continue our dreams, vision, or the works of our hands. That was ours as parents, but children come with their very own dreams, vision and mission.

While this may be uncomfortable for most parents to accept, I still challenge you to think about it. Our pride always desires our children to be just like us. Satan’s arrogance was to make God the Creator into his own image and likeness as creation. Let’s not strive to clone our children into “our image”. They already have God’s image and likeness upon them.

They may have our biologicall DNA, but that DNA is just a receipt that verifies that it is we who’ve been entrusted with those specific children and that it’s we as their parents who are  responsible and will be held accountable for them.

Train them to discover, identify, harness and release their God-given potential and purpose. Quit being prideful and arrogantly trying to make and shape them into your image and likeness, to follow your dreams, plans and vision for them. That’s exclusively God’s Sovereign right, not ours. Train them, nurture them, love them, equip them, prepare them; but never forget it’s all being done for them to serve the purposes of God for and in their generation and not ours.

The greatest gift we can ever give our children is to raise them to understand and know the truth that they’re ultimately created to think and be like God; and NOT like us! Now they can imitate us as we imitate Christ, but they can’t conform and become us. Give them the gift of their true identity: We’re Created In God’s Image and Likeness!


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