God Is Just Therefore Live Justly

Just (1) copyDo you know what I want? I want justice—oceans of it. I want fairness—rivers of it. That’s what I want. That’s all I want. —Amos 5:25 MSG

The past few weeks there’s been so much talk about “justice” and “injustice”. The media has flooded every news channel, newspaper, magazine, tabloid and social media venue with it. “Justice” and “injustice” has been the focused theme of our day’s and night’s. But I can’t help to think, “Are we being hypocritical?”

We all have heard, know and seen some of the tragic events following the Ferguson shooting that took place some time ago, but that will NOT be the topic of my writing today. Instead I would like to speak to those who with indignant outrage decried and demanded “Justice”. I would like to have an audience with the individuals that whether secretly in their own hearts or publicly protested the so perceived “injustice” that was committed.

Is “justice” that important to you? Because it should be, justice is paramount to God because God IS Just. So now with your permission I would like to take your sense of “justice” to task and genuinely ask, “Are you really living a ‘just’ life?”—because if you’re not; then your demand for “justice” is forfeited. To condemn injustice you must first live justly.

Are you loving God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind? Are you loving your neighbor as you love yourself? Are you loving, respecting, honoring and serving your husband or your wife? Are you protecting and providing for your family? Are you honoring your parents? Are you feeding and clothing the poor? Are you helping the widows? Are you visiting the orphans? Are you bringing hope to the sick and dying? Are you respecting your elders?

Are you delivering the Good-News message of deliverance to the incarcerated? Are you making disciples of men? Are you being kind? Are you being forgiving? Are you being loving? Are you being kind? Are you being gentle? Are you being patient? Are you being faithful and truthful? Are you being responsible? Are you daily maturing to be more like Christ

Do you freely give mercy? Do you freely extend grace? Do you go out of your way to help others? Do you speak truth? Are you committed? Are you trustworthy? Are you a peacemaker? Do you practice humility? Are you obedient? Do you mistreat people? Do you hate? Do you gossip? Do you lie? Do you misuse and abuse people? Are you a bully? Do you cheat?

The short and long of it is that “justice” or “injustice” is not only relegated to what happens in the courts of law or public opinion, they both occur daily in our day to day personal lives and within our families. You and I may be guilty of daily committing the gravest of injustices against God, those whom we claim to love and others. Perhaps we are the epitome and have embodied that “injustice” which we so fervently detest and protest. So I wonder, are we outraged at ourselves? Are we demanding “justice” for the ones we have hurt? Where is the passionate outcry against ourselves for those we have hurt in one way or another small or big?

Are we judging our own actions and condemning the injustices we ourselves have committed?—because we should be. Or maybe “justice” doesn’t apply to us because we are “above the law”. Are we protesting and rioting against the selfishness of our criminal acts of “injustice” against others? Maybe we don’t want to place and focus the spotlight of “justice” on our own sins. Again I can’t help but wonder, “Are we just being hypocritical, two-faced, disingenuous and duplicitous?” God demands “justice” and before we can condemn the actions of others as that of an “injustice”, we must begin by first rightly and justly judging ourselves. “Justice” begins first  and foremost with each and every one of us in our own hearts, emotions, thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, speech, lifestyle, marriage, bedrooms, family, friendships, relationships, jobs, neighborhoods, communities and backyards. God IS “Just” therefore live “Justly”.


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