Raising Brats?

tantrumsFoolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him. —Proverbs 22:15

Before going further I want to quickly clarify any misunderstandings on the topic of child discipline or correction. No parent has ever had to teach their child how to misbehave or rebel, it’s inherent. As a parent myself I understand that this is the truth.

Notice that in Proverbs 22:15 the words “rod” and “correction” are used. The word “rod” has a few descriptives for example: rod, branch, offshoot, club, staff, spear, dart and scepter or the mark of authority.

It is evident to me according to God’s character and nature in Scripture that God is NOT commanding us to beat our children with a club or run them through with a spear. I believe He is speaking here of the scepter or in this specific case: parents taking up and using their God-given parental authority.

The other word is “correction”. Again, God’s nature and character lovingly corrects. He does NOT beat us senseless even when our blatant rebellion deserves it. “Correction” does not involve fear, manipulation, control, intimidation or violence. To correct is to give detailed instruction and direction as to how things should be done and most importantly why. To keep this thought brief I will leave these two ideas of “rod” and “correction” there.

WE CANNOT RAISE A NEW GENERATION THAT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD…by using the same old curse producing parental teachings and methodologies of the past, nor by implementing new bad parental teaching that will only breed a new cursed generation of godless, ungrateful spoiled brats. B.R.A.T.S are those children who are: Being Raised Terminally Selfish.

God entrusted our children or grandchildren to us for a very short span of time. Your influence in their lives will either be a catalyst for God’s Kingdom to be established on Earth through them in their time, or for another generation to miss-out on God’s purpose and be passed over.

Should this concern you? Does this have anything to do with you? If you’re a parent, grandparent, an adult who has any influence over children or a young person who eventually one day will; then yes this without a shadow of a doubt concerns you.

As patriarchs and matriarchs charged with the trust of guarding and raising our generation, we cannot be so blind as to think that cultivating weeds we will one day produce and yield a harvest of good fruit.

Quit enabling children’s wrong spoiled, selfish tantrum-throwing attitudes and behavior. You are actively shaping, forming and molding their character and world-view. Instruct and correct without reservation, discipline will rescue and save them from the destructive curse of foolishness.

Remember that the Kingdom of darkness is really the Kingdom of ignorance, or absence of correct information better known as Truth. I plead with you with a father’s heart, please abandon old incorrect unBiblucal ways. Study, learn, acquire correct information and allow Holy Spirit to transform that newly acquired information into revelation. Our children are the future. What kind of future will embody our legacy???


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