Your Job Is Not Your Work

exhaustionYour job is not the same thing as your work. Your job is your 9 to 5, your daily moneymaking grind. Your work is what you’ve been designed, created and are responsible and held accountable to do with your life.

You can be laid-off, downsized or fired from your job, but you will never be dismissed from your work because your work is your life’s assignment. So today I will approach the “job/work” issue from a different angle. While I usually relate “work” to purpose or life-assignment, I desire to ignite within every man and woman a new commitment, passion and fervor for their families.

Allow me to point out that 40 plus hours a week at your job does not equate, negate or replace your work at home with your family. In today’s culture and economy, sadly both parents are forced to hold down a job just to barely make ends meet. This means that many of us are neglecting our husband, wife, children and household responsibilities.

We come home tired even exhausted from the high demands at our job, but a hard day at the office does not excuse us from our work at home. Yes our job is part of our responsibility to provide for our family, but it is not the fullness of our work. Our work begins when we get home and are with our spouse and children. Our work begins when we throughout the garbage, feed, change and bathe the kids, walk the dog, help your child with homework, wash some dishes, hug and kiss your wife or make a hot cup of coffee for your husband.

out of orderDo you get the idea? Can you see the picture I’m trying to paint in your mind? Your 9 to 5 job can never take priority over your life’s work. Your job is necessary and you must be responsible and committed to it with excellence as working unto the Lord. But if your job merits such effort, how much more responsibility, accountability, commitment, effort and excellence do your spouse and children deserve?

Don’t exhaust yourself at the job and give only vanishing vapors to your family. Don’t spend yourself at the office and then come home to offer left over crumbs to those who are your life’s work. Let’s prioritize and strike a healthy balance so that we may be successful and attain excellence both in our office jobs and in our work at home. Strategize with your spouse and  work-out a holistic plan (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) that’ll give you every affordable opportunity conceivable to succeed in your marriage and family. Yes jobs are important, but your life’s work is infinitely of greater value and  importance.  Your marriage and family are a huge part of what comprises your life’s work, so be responsible at the office and be faithful to your home.


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