5 “PMS” Lies

pmsI realize that I may be jumping from the frying-pan into the fire here, but I’m willing to take the risk if you’re willing to allow me a measure of grace.

As a male I may not be in the best position to comment about this some may say, but I respectfully disagree. I believe I am in the very best position which is in the objective not the subjective position. Like viewing a fish in a fish-tank, I am on the outside looking in.

As a male I will usually be in the receiving-end, or the “punching bag” of this situation. This does not mean that others are not affected by what I am going to bring to your attention; it is NOT limited to males. So what will I address today? I will share my heart’s concern on “PMS”, Pre-Menstrual Syndrome or PMeSsssing” and some of its lies. Yes you read correctly, “PMS” and its lies.

First and foremost I want to say that this is NOT an attack on women. It is NOT a condemnation, downplay or mockery of the monthly physical, mental and emotional strain that all females must endure. Being a son, a brother, an uncle and a husband, I can surely sympathize and empathize with females. Even more so it is because my world-view or the lens in which I see women, is through the Biblical-view of Christianity in which Jesus commands us to love others and treasure women as priceless.

So again please grant me some grace and mercy as my heart’s desire is not to hurt you as a woman in any way, but to hopefully address a very serious issue that must be addressed within the context of life, marriage and family. Okay here we go.

Question, as a female have you noticed that you behave a little “on edge” during “that time of the month”? Do you have a “short-lit” fuse and explode very easily? Do you become aggressive, easily irritated, angered, impatient, unkind, uncaring, cold and a “control-freak”? Maybe you become manipulative or intimidating to others around you wanting them to feel sorry for you and not “serve” but “SLAVE” for you at your every beckon call. Sound familiar?

As a male who cares and loves you, the institution of marriage and the family whom is looking in from the outside, I’d like to suggest a couple of “PMS” lies with your permission of course. If we better understand and recognize ourselves, we’ll be better prepared to triumphantly overcome our situations and adversities.

  1. “PMS” is my license to behave, say, feel and do whatever I want without any repercussions or consequences.

Others are not your personal “punching bags”. No matter what’s going on during this time, “PMS” does not give you the right to hurt others physically, emotionally or verbally. This is a very high-strung volatile emotional time when many females like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, transform from lovely ladies into unpleasant-monsters. You have the potential every month to be hurting, destroying, breaking and permanently scarring your loved ones if you continue to “buy into” the lie that “PMS” is your “get out of jail free” card to do to anyone whatever you feel like doing at any time however you want.

  1. During this time, everyone was born to be my slave.

While those who love you are willing to serve and take care of you during this difficult time, don’t expect everyone to stop living and slave for you hand and foot. You must discipline yourself to take control of your situation and learn to overcome and stop asking, no actually demanding for someone else to do what you should be doing for yourself.

“PMS” is not a license for laziness that allows you to negate and neglect your responsibilities. While I recognize that this is a very hard, trying and difficult time, it is not a time to retreat and surrender on life, your commitments and responsibilities to yourself and others.

  1. I can speak my mind and say whatever I want to whomever—and I don’t care what it is.

 Many females allow themselves to believe the lie that they can now vomit and spew poison to their loved ones. They repeatedly stab and shoot those whom they confess to love. But does love behave in this manner? No it most assuredly does not. You are responsible to guard your mouth from hurting others. Yes you and you alone are responsible for your what comes out of your mouth; don’t blame it on “PMS” because that’s a huge lie.

  1. Whatever I say goes and that’s that, so deal with it!

 Some females become aggressively commandeering. They become dictators and tyrants, pure control-freaks who want to manipulate others like a puppet-master. It’s sad because many do it through intimidation and fear. Husbands tend to shut-down and disappear because they fear the whiplash of their wife’s tongue or just to avoid escalating situations that can will later be regretted. You see during these times, many wives dig-up the hurtful angry past or even the present hurts to hurt their husbands. Again, “PMS” is not a license to misuse or abuse love.

 Sometimes in anger because of “PMS”, it’s sad to say that no one is safe at home. All males “run for the hills”, but other females are not safe either. Children especially sons also become primary targets and casualties in Mom’s “PMS” war. Women, please listen to my heart, do not correct or discipline your children during this time because most likely than not it will be an angry punishment and not a loving correction. Do not make important decisions during these times especially “on the fly” because you may be making the emotionally charged wrong ones.

  1. I cannot control myself, it’s not my fault.

 Yes you can control yourself and yes it is your fault if you go all “hulk-insane” to your family and others. Whatever it is that your extreme may be, whether you become a disabled self-pitying attention-seeker and want everyone to “slave” for you, or you become a scary-monster and want to rip everyone’s throat apart, it is all you and absolutely no one else.

 Here’s the reality and with this I will conclude: “PMS” like any other challenge or adversity in life will reveal the real you hidden inside period”. Think about that during that next “time of the month” before you begin buying into the “PMS” lies like you have probably been doing for so many years. If you’re not sure if this pertains to you, an honest and open conversation with your husband, children, family and friends regarding this issue will give you a clear and better understanding of how you behave during “that time of the month” or if you have bought into the “PMS” lies.


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