BACK TO BACK; “The Art Of Submission”.

IBR-1041045 - © - Ricardo DemurezYou should know that if the enemy can succeed to sow just one single seed of discord, he knows you’ll then cultivate it and cause it to grow into fully developed divorce all on your own.

There’s a reason why God commands husbands and wives both to submit one to another in Ephesians 5:21–so that we may be in “ONE ACCORD”. Submission has absolutely NOTHING to do with subjugation, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

To submit or hü-po-tä’s-sō in Greek is a militaristic term that means: “to fall into rank and file”. Let’s face it, we are engaged in a war against the enemy of our lives and we are an army called “marriage”. His mission is to “kill, steal and destroy” by any means neccessary period.

To “submit one to another” is to mutually agree to take our proper place, position and to function in our unique role as man and woman, husband and wife. Submission does NOT mean that there is one higher or better than another. It means that we in marriage must take our rightful, correct and proper God-given role, place of responsibility and function within that scope, so that we can be an indomitable force to be reckoned with. It means you take up your post and you don’t abandon it just because you think the “grass is greener on your spouse’s side”.

In and through submission we watch and protect each other’s backs. We do not continually play “competing” games trying to be better than each other. At no time can we afford to “jockey” for position over another or try to out-power one another. “Submission” inoculates us from this prideful infectious disease, of wanting to lord over one another; instead of giving our lives in love for one another. #Marriage


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