EVEA man ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God; BUT WOMAN IS THE GLORY OF MAN. —1 Corinthians 11:7 NIV

Husbands, I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say, “You just didn’t know. You just weren’t made aware of the fact and reality that the lady you married, highest aspirations, hopes and dreams were NOT to slave for you. You just didn’t know she didn’t want to be anything else than your very own personal slave”. I’m going to chalk your arrogance to ignorance just this once; I will not hold it against you. But after today, all bets are off!

Talk to me, did you really think and believe that God lovingly designed and created such a beautiful creation for the sole purpose of slaving for you? Really? Humor me, so you really are under the impression that all of that person’s dreams are summed up in doing for you what you could and should be doing for yourself, but are way too lazy to do? You really thought that all of her dreams and goals would be fulfilled by being your “go-for”?

You really believe that the person you married had no life they desired to live, no dreams they passionately longed to pursue or nothing bigger to aspire for than picking-up and cleaning after your mess? Again, for now I’m going to fault your ignorance for your arrogance, but after today you’ll have no excuse. You’;; be responsible and accountable for what you know.

Here’s my point. As a husband, your primary responsibility is to help your wife become everything in life she ever dreamed of becoming. Your role is not to restrict, stifle or hold her down, but to release her and let her loose! Why? Because if you would’ve read your Bible, you would’ve understood that the wife is your very best ally, helper and supporter in this life. Your wife is your glory, she reveals the kind of man that you are or are NOT…PERIOD. She reflects you, how you like that? Let it sink i for a while.

If you help her accomplish everything she desires in life, within the same process she will help you get everything you’ve ever dreamed of accomplishing for your life. If you help her become the very best “her” that she was intrinsically designed and lovingly created to be, then she in turn by default will do the same thing for you. As a husband, your glory is revealed when you wife like a bud fully releases her potential and blossoms and blooms into a flower.

Wives are NOT your personal slaves. Grow-up, man-up and understand that you are there to ensure that your wife becomes everything that God created her to be so that she may accomplish her divine-assignment, mission and purpose.

Men wake-up and listen. If you help her to be “her”, she then will help you be “you”. Why? The reason is because her purpose is to be a helper and a supporter in your life to accomplish your vision and purpose. But she cannot fulfill her role, if you do not first help her fulfill hers. It would be like going to war and bringing a full arsenal of weapons for your mission, but intentionally leaving your ammunition back home.

Bottom-line? No one was created to slave for you, so grow-up, man-up and begin serving your wife in love so she can be all she can be. In marriage, you either help her become who she is meant to be, or you will never become you.


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