Responsibility Doesn’t Discrimiiate

ambitious-womanBY TODAY’S TWISTED CULTURE…What do you call a man, husband and father who at the top of his priority list is his career, spends way too much time working as well as other things, and consequently neglects his responsibilities as a man, husband and father at home?

That’s easy, that would be: A DEAD-BEAT right? And may I add a resounding rightfully so, in agreement for I would too!

Here’s the flip-side…

What do you call a woman, wife and mother who does exactly the same things as the man, husband and father mentioned above? I’m waiting…still waiting… Give up?

An empowered, independent, successful, highly-motivated, goal-oriented, ambitious and liberated hero of womanhood. Huh? What? Wait…Something just doesn’t add up here…maybe I’ve missed something.

Now if you’ve been bothered or angered by this post, it’s definitely for you. Like I like to say, “If the diaper fits, then wear it”. If it hasn’t moved you at all, then “like” and “share” anyway for someone who may benefit…LOL! No I am not a sexist woman-hater or oppressor. If you think that, then you obviously don’t know me, or deep inside you know I’m right because I’ve just described you.

Whether you’re a man or a woman makes no difference, here is the bottom line: BUSYNESS DOES NOT EQUATE OR NEGATE RESPONSIBILITY. At the end of the day, we, all, each and every one of us has responsibilities to fulfill and which we must be indiscriminately held accountable to for our personal, our spouse’s, our children’s and our family’s well-being. Responsibility and accountability does not discriminate but ┬áis distributed equally among both sexes males and females.

Just like a car with a flat gets no where fast, so will your family stay stuck unless and until you begin to function correctly in the role of biblical womanhood. Marriage Is A COMPLETION Of One Another By Meeting Each Other’s Needs, Not A Meeting Of COMPETITION To See Who’s Really Going To Win and Succeed.


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