Fatal Atraction

rude1Dear wives,

Your Reaction To Your Husband’s Advance, Counsel, Invitation, Advice, Romance Or Gift, Will Schedule The Very Next One.

Now you understand why your relationship either, like a fresh running river continues to flow and keep the garden flourishing, or why it has all dried-up into a dry-barren desert waste-land.

Your reaction is either his fatal-attraction or his fatal-distraction. A virtuous and wise woman will understand how to have a reaction towards Him that secures his attraction.

This is critical to understand because I know that you as a woman you desire to attract your husband nearer and to not ever push him away. I understand that there’s a desire in your heart for him to draw near. This is why how you “react” as a woman and a wife is very important/.

As is almost everything in life, the choice is yours to make. My prayer is that wives will understand how truly powerful they are to move their husband’s heart. Your reaction will make a significant difference between a strong marriage that stays together and one that’s falling apart.


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