Jester_and_KingA wise woman will always address the king within him, not the fool that foolishly exists.

Dear Wives,

There’s a king and a fool living inside of every man. The one whom you address with your words, tone, body-language and attitude, is the one which will respond to you. Wisdom will always raise and bring-out “The King Within”, foolishness will always stir-up the “Foolishness of ¬†The Fool”.

Now you don’t have to take my word for it, please try it. But i am pretty confident that you already know exactly what i’m speaking of, because you’ve experienced both the king and the fool. Believe me when I say that every man desires to be the king of his home and not the court jester. For when he’s the King, then there are no servants, just a Queen, Princes & Princesses; everyone becomes royalty.

Look let’s “get real”, you chose to marry this man right? You are the one who has to live with him every single day right?. Who would you really rather live with if you’re ¬†given the choice, a “King” or a “Fool”? Then learn how to differentiate this truth and learn to correct how you address him. identify the King & tailor your behavior and attitudes to provoke the response of a King who will lay down his life for you and the family. If you refuse to do so and don’t learn this critical difference, then you will continue to incite the foolishness of the fool that lives within. King or Fool…You choose!


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