No Longer Attracted, But Distracted


For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. -Matthew 6:21

Those Who Claim That They Are No Longer Attracted To Their Spouse Are Correct, They Are No Longer “Attracted” To Their Spouse, But NOT For The Reasons That They Think…But Because They’ve Allowed Themselves To Become “Distracted”.

That’s right, the real reason for your “Disinterest” is that you have become “Distracted”. Or have intentionally and consciously removed your attention from your spouse and intentionally placed it on another. You’ve willingly taken away your devotion and have given it to another. it is you, NOT him or her who has chosen to be disinterested, you alone have decided to no longer be dedicated. Sounds harsh doesn’t it? But it’s the hard-core-truth! Truth usually hurts because the correct response to truth is “change” and most are not remotely interested in change.

So for once and for all let’s get it right. If you are no longer attracted to your spouse, then NO it’s NOT their fault, You’re to blame for choosing “Distraction”: The stale moldy crumbs that fall off of another’s table, instead of the massive celebratory feast you have spread-out right before you eyes.

You will always be attracted, dedicated and interested in whatever and wherever you place your full undivided attention on, give your devotion to and where you focus your intentions. Jesus said it best, “Where your treasure is, what’s of most and greatest value and worth to you, or that which has captured your greatest passions, it is there where your complete heart, your unwavering, unending, unfailing commitment, thoughts, emotions, devotion, pledge, protection, satisfaction, pleasures, fulfillment and provision will be also!” -Matthew 6:21 In other words, you would never, ever neglect or become disinterested or distracted from your what you believe is your greater and most valuable treasure. As a matter if fact, you will protect and defend it forever until the end with your very own life.

Today if this is you, then take-back your full-undivided-attention that has been wrongfully given to everyone else except to the one who rightfully deserves and owns it, and begin to fervently give it back to your spouse. Make them once again the Focus of your full-passion and undivided-attention. Intentionally allow him/her (this time and for all times), to capture your heart, captivate your imagination, ignite your greatest desires and be your complete satisfaction. You can begin anew and go from uninterested-distraction to impassioned-attraction! You can decide and choose right now to never ever again see your spouse as “unattractive” or to ever allow yourself to be distracted from your spouse again! Now that you’ve finished reading this, your spouse is suddenly looking mighty deliciously fine aren’t they? Great, Now Go Get Em’!!!


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