Talk to the handSo again I say, each man must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must RESPECT her husband. -Ephesians 5:33

The legendary singer Aretha Franklin had it all wrong when she  boldly belted out her song demanding “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”. You see woman need love communicated in affection and it is men not women who need RESPECT.

Wives, Disrespect May Be The Source Of Your Husband’s Neglect. Men are inherent Warriors who are born to Lead, Protect & Provide. Disrespect or attack them in any way & you humiliate them. How so you may ask? Are Men really that soft? Absolutely not! It is because committed men are strong that we must many times, “Turn the other cheek & walk not run away”. Because of a Husband’s Love for their wife, instead of striking-back in anger, revenge, engaging in battle or rather than defend themselves against the very one they swore to defend to the end with their very own lives; they will bow their heads & retreat. Note: By walking away I am not referring to a man leaving as in divorce, that would be absolute cowardice.

Wives through Disrespect you will force your Husband to play the role of a humiliated coward who runs & hides all in the name of “Marital Peace”. To add insult to injury some Wives will mockingly scream as he turns away, “Yeah Go, That’s Right, Run Away You Coward. That’s All You Ever Do Anyway!” But let me assure you, it’s not cowardice, it’s the pain of Judas’s traitorous kiss. You see to a man, in his love-language dictionary, how he translates it or you communicate love is NOT through sex…it is through RESPECT!

Men will go off to war in hell for their family & through all the horrors they see, what will keep them alive & sane is thinking of coming back home to be in their beloved wife’s embrace. Husbands will lay down their life for you as Christ did for the church, but when you disrespect him, you betray everything he has been trying to be for you ever since the very first day your eyes both met.

Wives you can choose to incite your Husband to rebel against you, or you can choose to inspire him to be forever with & for you. Don’t continue to be the prom Queen at school who humiliates the pimpled-boy with a crush & then expect it to be a full-blown great valiant man of honor who somehow walks back in through the door of your home. Respect is the secret key that unlocks the dormant potential of the man you know exists, but is not visible yet. I know he may not be everything you hoped for or dreamed of, but he still deserves your respect for whatever good he is. Wives this I know, respect your Husbands in all things, even through his faults, failures and short-comings, then step-back & see in time the unleashing of your conquering King manifest right before your eyes!


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