Clothing-Hangers & Back-Alleys


If a nation is not guided by God, the people will lose self-control, but the nation that obeys God’s law will be happy. —Proverbs 29:18 ESV

The “clothing-hanger” has become an iconic symbol for the Pro-Choice movement. One of their proud chants is, “We are never going back to back-alley abortions”! Of course it is understood that they are stating the fact before Roe vs. Wade when abortion was illegal, some women or their assistant(s), would use a “clothing-hanger” to perform their own abortions. As a consequence of this action, may women suffered great harm, even death. Therefore, these “Pro-Choice’s” are outraged that those who hold life as sacred would dare hold the hand of a woman and force women everywhere to shove a hanger up into their womb and destroy the innocent defenseless baby living there. Really? As someone who holds life sacred it’s my fault?

Well I guess that’s the fault of people like me who still believe in the sanctity of life and that life begins at conception. Perhaps then people like me should be held responsible for the women’s choice to be sexually irresponsible. Maybe someone else should be held accountable for the consequences for the lifestyle and behavior of harlotry. Have women forgotten that they are priceless virtuous women and not dogs in heat? Or do they devalue themselves so low as to think they are an evolutionary product of lower-animals and therefore must behave as such?

Maybe we should follow the “never going back to back-alley abortions” logic at hand. Does this then entitle murderers who savagely kill to hold up their weapon of choice and declare, “We refuse to ever go back to back-alley murders, it is our right to kill legally”? Can you picture that? Can you stomach a murderer demanding entitlements for his proclivities as a constitutional right? What would you have to say to a serial-murderer who is demanding that the government pass laws that protect his behavior and make his belief system and values as equal to yours?

Maybe, just maybe the rapist who cowardly attacks and drag women to back-alleys should then have the right to demand “equal rights” for what he does with his body regardless of how destructive it is to someone else. I can hear them now, “I refuse to go back—never again will I attack, drag and rape women in a dark back-alley. I never again (1)demand the government to support my actions and make it legal for me to rape. I demand my rights to violently rape women whenever and wherever I desire.

How would you feel if these same criminals also demanded for you to pay for whatever expenses they would acquire for their crimes? If the murderer wanted a new shiny gun, he should be able to go to a gun shop and claim it under “equal-rights” and the tax-payer should flip the bill. If the rapist happened to get an STD for his sexual prowess, then you the tax-payer under “health-care”, should make sure that he/she is healthy enough to continue their great contribution to society and pay their bill. We haven’t even touched on other crimes that take place in dark alleys like prostitution, drug dealing or the shooting-up of drug addicts. Should we then as a society champion their cause as “equal-rights” just because they’re conducting their crimes and indiscretions in “back-alleys”?

Are we really so ignorant to champion a “clothing-hanger” and a mantra like “never again going back to back-alley abortions” as a justification for murdering our unborn children? Have we bought into the Darwinist evolutionary process “hook, line and sinker” so that we have become abased lower-animals instead of intelligent, rationale humans? If we follow the thinking of this “hanger, back-alley” argument, we see that it is incoherent and illogical. It is unintelligible and deranged. It is wicked, perverted and evil. It is void of reason and common-sense. But then it seems to me that common-sense is not so common anymore.

Pursuing this insane line of thought as a legal law enforced and supported by the government, sets up a precedence by which any lifestyle or behavior regardless of how ideologically twisted can legally argue in the affirmative for their proclivities. If women with their own bodies have and are given the right to murder a baby in their womb, which is of course is knowingly hurting and killing of a person, then it follows that the murderer and rapist have a right to do with their own bodies whatever they want; regardless if it’s hurting someone else or not. If we are going to give “equal rights” to all when we are no longer following an absolute moral law compass to navigate is through these issues, then when and where do we stop? Where do we draw the line between right and wrong, legal or illegal, truth or lie? To what point of reference will we adhere?  The answer is none. For without an objective Source Who is the only Moral Law Giver and Sovereign God, morality and ethics quickly become subjective preferences.

Life is sacred. Once you devalue and reduce life into a mere mass inconvenience to be removed like an unwanted stain, then life in general for all mankind losses its inalienable dignity, value and worth. If as a society we can brutally and savagely rip apart a baby to shreds from within the safety of a mother’s womb, then there are no principles, reasons or restraints for us not murdering anyone else, anywhere, anytime and whenever we so feel like it and are inclined to do so. Furthermore, without any hesitancy, as a society we would be forced as a “must be accepted” by the government, to recognize and support every value, belief and behavior as equal to our own; for it would be their constitutionally given “equal rights”! A society without restraints is an inevitable wreckage, a nuclear disaster slowly resulting in our utter obliteration and complete annihilation.

One Response to “Clothing-Hangers & Back-Alleys”
  1. Sean Durity says:

    Tough words, but valid. We must protect life.

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