Honor Your Parents

“Honor your father and your mother, as the LORD your God has commanded you, so that you may live long and that it may go well with you in the land the LORD your God is giving you. —Deuteronomy 5:16

One of the most sobering moments in life is when the fog of childhood lifts, and for the first time we see our parents not as invincible heroes, but as ordinary real people with real problems, struggles, hurts, fears, pains and shortcomings. We all have that moment engraved in our memory when we first witnessed first-hand what our parent’s weakening “kryptonite” was, and it wasn’t pretty.

Honor is a choice to give the correct and proper value to someone, despite our own disappointments or newly found discovery of their human-weakness. In honor we assign value not based on merits, title or position; but because of who they are in our lives. No matter how we came into this earth, we were not an accident or mistake. Our parents are those people who were vessels through which God manifested the great miracle of you and I. We honor our parents because God honored them first, and set them in the “parental” place of honor over our lives.

“Do not dilute or pollute honor as you grow older, instead make it a covenant that is irrevocably absolute.”

Even when our childhood fantasy of “Super Dad” and “Super Mom” is over, our bubble is popped and our balloon has been deflated; honor still holds then up on a high glorious pedestal as God’s heroic gift to us. Honor still sees the cape, mask and leotard tights of heroes even after the years have taken their toll and caused their “super-hero” powers to wane and fade. Honor continues to submit to their authority even after gravity has wrinkled their skin, stolen their strength and their confident tall walk has become a crawl. The progressions of age whether ours or theirs, must not change, replace, reject, negate or “do-away” with honor in any shape, form or way. Do not dilute or pollute honor as you grow older, instead make it a covenant that is irrevocably absolute.

Honor respects, loves, submits and serves unconditionally and without reservation those ordinary real people who chose to believe and do “extra-ordinary” things in the face of adversity, just so that you and I could have everything that they never had. Some of us can attest to the fact that what our parents did for us so that we may have what we have today, accomplished what we accomplished and became who we are today, is incredibly and admirably “super-natural”. Therefore, honor will never degrade, down-talk, scorn, take advantage of, embarrass, gossip, exploit, neglect, misuse, abuse or disrespect the once “all-knowing”, “all-powerful” invincible “Super-Folks” that as kids we lovingly called Dad and Mom.

Honor is a covering, a mantle that as loving children, we must cover our heroic parents with as long as they draw breath, then after their passing in their loving-memory by how we live and finally by how we diligently transfer their legacy to others such as our children and grandchildren. We need to empower the next generation with a powerful foundation of honor as an inheritance, by being an example of covenantal children who relentlessly honored our parents. This mantle of honor will even “cover” the many faults and frailties of old age and all the unattractive idiosyncrasies that may come with it. Honor must be tightly wrapped around our beloved parents like a warm blanket on a cold winter night that is never removed, not out of a sense of dutybut of love. Are you honoring your parents? If not, there is no better time to begin than today!


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