Sex and Loneliness

Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper and companion who is just right for him.” —Genesis 2:18

Many people can’t wait until the weekend arrives. You see for some, the weekend is “party-time”. It’s when a lot of folks will waste a week’s worth paycheck in a few hours in an attempt to escape and run-away from themselves. Then come Monday morning they painfully find themselves, are “broke” again and so the vicious cycle of hard-work for an entire week just to throw it all away in a few hours next weekend begins again.

The reason for most of this behavior is an epidemic called “loneliness”. I’m sure that you would agree that, “Loneliness is the loneliest place to be all alone”. But today I would like to briefly focus on something that directly is responsible for creating loneliness; the “hot-button” topic of sex. For many individuals young and old alike, sex is their escape from loneliness. But illicit-sex does not cure “loneliness”, it never has and it never will. Sex outside of marriage is like placing a Band-Aid on a cancerous tumor, it may be temporarily concealed; but it’ll never be healed.

Loneliness was present ever since the creation of man. God placed this vacuum within humans so that we would desire company, but not just any “John or Jane come lately’s” company. Before we go on let me just say that sex is not dirty or evil. As a matter of fact God created sex. Sex is God’s idea not anyone else’s and everything that God created He said, “It was good” (Genesis 1:31). There are three purposes for sex. 1). To procreate,  2). End loneliness, and 3). Have fun. But before you can enjoy any of the benefits of sex you must pass the qualification which is, you guessed it “Marriage”. Marriage is the covenantal union between one man and one woman before God and others to be faithful one to another “till death do us part”. Marriage is love meant for a life-time.

Sex is only acceptable and honorable to God within the covenant of marriage. As a matter of fact it is only the “marriage bed that is undefiled” before God’s sight (Hebrews 13:4). Everything else outside of marriage is a misuse of sex which by definition is an abuse. This is why the consequences of just “messing around” or “having fun” are not just STD’s or unwanted pregnancies that may result in the murder of an unborn child, but shame, guilt and of course here’s that word again; “loneliness”. It is a deceiving lie to think that loneliness will disappear by having sex with just anyone, it will not. But I’m sure you are already very well aware of that right?

Sex within marriage creates a bond between the husband and wife that only they will ever share. Sex outside of marriage binds you with someone you hardly know or may never see again. Why continue to give yourself away to someone who will never care or stay? You will only be sure of never again being lonely when you have made a covenant to be forever faithful, true and to stay together no matter what occurs within marriage. Sex within marriage ends loneliness. Sex outside of marriage creates the greatest chasm of loneliness and regrets you will ever experience.

Sex is and always will be God’s idea made to end loneliness as we share our lives with another person we have promised to love forever and a day. So if you are lonely and are seeking the cure in illicit-sex, then you are just condemning yourself to a life-time of greater and greater agonizing loneliness. God heals and satisfies the vacuum of loneliness in our entire being through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. In the marriage relationship, our spouse will satisfy the human loneliness we sometimes experience  in life’s crisis through many different ways — sex being just one of them. In closing, to end loneliness you must stop having illicit-sex which only creates massive loneliness. Always remember that: “True Love Will Always Wait Till After The Wedding Cake, Then Stays With and Keeps Tasting Only From The Cake From Which  It Already Ate”.

2 Responses to “Sex and Loneliness”
  1. Sean Durity says:

    Sadly enough many folks would find this objectionable or restrictive. But God’s ways are ALWAYS better. Keep writing the truth!

    • noizeology says:

      Hello Sean,

      You are absolutely right. I think some people would definitely disagree with this posting, but one of the consequences and undeniable evidence of promiscuity sadly is “Loneliness”.

      That you for your great words of encouragement! May God’s grace, peace and love keep you strong always.

      In His Service, Tito

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