You’ve Captured My Heart

“Many women have done wonderful things, but you’ve outclassed them all!” —Proverbs 31:29 MSG

Men have been given by God the distinct ability to “zero-in” on something and not be distracted. Men can “hone-in” like a precise guided missile that will not be deterred from its intended target. I mean men have the capacity to block-out the rest of the world that surrounds them no matter how big or loud it is and to just focus intensely on the one thing that has captivated their imagination.

It is why we can listen to our wives speaking about her long hard day, hear all about the “good, the bad and the ugly” of our kids adventures in school, feed the dog, change the cat litter, take the trash out and still watch T.V.; while our minds are somewhere totally elsewhere thinking on something completely else. You see men can be there, but not be there. Now this is a wonderful gift if used for good to focus on positive and constructive endeavors as God intended, but it can also be man’s destructive downfall.

Husbands and Wives, I will now ask you to please both intently focus on what I am about to humbly submit to you for your consideration. This will not be a “silver-bullet” that will “fire-proof” or guarantee that there will never be infidelity, but it is a great offensive and defensive strategy that will strengthen your marriage. When it is all said and done, it is every person’s individual responsibility to remain faithful to their commitment through the covenant that they each made at the altar before God and the cloud of witnesses that surrounded them.

Because the male has this ability to “zero-in” on something and not lose sight of it until his mission is complete, then woman you can absolutely take advantage of this innate characteristic. Remember that before any male begins to have feelings for another woman for any reason, he first must have had thoughts about her. In other words she must have caught his attention. That woman had to captivate his imagination, before she was able to capture his heart. Once man’s imagination is captivated, his heart will follow hard after whatever it was that captivated it. This is why God’s Word admonishes us to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your “mind” and with all your strength” -Mark 12:30. Because Men as a whole will passionately pursue what has captivated their imaginations at all cost regardless of the price that they must pay.

So for the men I will be very brief just to say that you are responsible and accountable to God, your wife, your family and all who were present at your marriage to guard your thought-life and your imagination because what you set your mind on will become the obsession that you will passionately pursue. Therefore set your imagination on the beautiful wife of your youth.

Now wives, here is where you come in. If this then is the inherent case and the plight of men, then wisdom will dictate that you have an upper hand when it comes to your husband. No I am not speaking of manipulation or control over your husbands. Neither men nor women are to ever exercise control over another human being in any way regardless of our relationship with them, this includes our children. But you do have the advantage as a wife because you have already captivated his imagination once before, shortly there-after captured his heart and that is why you’re probably married now.

Wives you can make yourself to be the object of your husband’s affections and obsessions. Your beauty attracted and drew him to you like a moth to the flame or a bee to honey. Your smile caused him to turn into a 2-year-old boy and sheepishly buy you flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Your personality and character sold him on the idea that he had found the woman of his dreams that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. In short, woman you captivated your husband’s imagination and captured his heart with everything and all of how it could all be one day. Nothing has changed; you can still do the exact same things as before you were engaged, then finally married. If you can captivate his imagination with the expectation of him loving you, then you would have captured his heart to stay and remain forever true. How this is done is up to you. There are as many ways as there are women, but you have the secret combination to the vault of his heart. A virtuous and wise woman is endowed and equipped by God with all that is required to not only captivate his imagination, but to capture his heart. There can and there are many woman in the world, but only you have single-handedly managed to completely and unreservedly capture his heart!

One Response to “You’ve Captured My Heart”
  1. daughter4him says:

    I guess when we realize and understand what the Lord has done for us when we were so unworthy, it then becomes a little easier to give others the grace we pray God will pour on us when we are not the most beautiful example of righteousness to others. Yes, this is my prayer that the Lord will make marriages a mirrored reflection of His Love for us. Amen.

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