How Low Can You Go?

Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? —1Corinthians 6:19a

How low can you go? Limbo is a well-known party favorite game in which a person tries to walk under a stick by bending backwards. The trick is to not touch the stick with any part of your body or to not fall back onto the floor, both instances will be immediate cause for disqualification. After everyone has completed a successful turn, the stick is lowered as everyone chants out loud, “How low can you go”?

While this is just a fun game, it is also the picture of some of our lives. Some of us have a low-self-esteem that is continually getting lower with each passing day. Every time we look at ourselves into a mirror, we turn our faces in disgust. There are many people who genuinely do not like themselves. As a matter of fact, sadly there are people who actually hate themselves. With each passing day the song in their head that is playing and replaying is, “Hoe low can you go”?

Today I would like to show you something that will hopefully change your view of yourself. You, your body, who you are and how you look is not garbage or trash. You are not ugly or less than anyone else. Listen to God’s description of you. God clearly says that “You are His Temple, the Home, the Castle, the Dwelling that He has designed and decorated Himself to be where He abides. You are God’s “hang-out” spot. If you’ve ever driven by or been inside any church, temple or house of worship; then you know the splendor and beauty that they hold. they are majestic edifices that have had no expenses spared or withheld for their beauty and grandeur.

Now if these are merely man-made buildings, made by human hands; just think how amazingly awesome a temple designed and made by the very hands of God would be. It would be incredibly indescribable right? Wrong, look in the mirror and you’ll see the reflection of God’s greatest expression of beauty—YOU! Would the Creator of the universe be found in just any “junky-place”? Would the King of kings lower Himself to such a “trashy” location? The answer is a thundering and resounding NO! You are the magnificent Temple worthy of hosting the very presence of the One True Living Father God.

Stop bad-talking yourself, putting yourself down, criticizing and hating who you are or how you look. You are beautiful, strong, worthy, valuable and perfect just the way that you are. If you are good enough for God the King, then you most surely must be good enough for “you”. Change the way you think about yourself to the way that God thinks about you and watch your life be transformed from a lowly crawling caterpillar to a high soaring butterfly. From the Ugly Ducking in the pond, to the majestic high-flying swan of the skies. You are nothing less than God’s expression of what beautiful is!

5 Responses to “How Low Can You Go?”
  1. mesiegweeks says:

    Reblogged this on becomeawomanofstrength and commented:
    This is very well done, and goes right along with my post teo days ago. Have a read and follow us to become a woman of strength.

  2. Sean Durity says:

    I reblogged this one, too. This is a great reminder of how God’s view of us is so much different from ours (usually).

  3. Great read. Really inspirational. Thanks

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