One Flesh

For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother, and the two shall become  ONE FLESH; so they are no longer two, but One Flesh. —Mark 10:7-8 NASB

As children we were taught the elementary basics of mathematics. We were told that one orange plus one orange equaled two oranges. Our parents or teachers used every type of visual to reinforce this mathematical principle. So we grew up with this pattern of thinking, this mind-set still today dominates our thoughts. This basic addition has even crossed over into our relational economy and we still think that one person plus another person will equal two—but we are so wrong.

When it comes to marriage in God’s relational economy: “1+1=1”. As a matter of fact, to clarify even further within the mathematics of marriage “1+1=Love”. The two are still different individuals with their very own distinct individualities, but they are no longer independent of each other. Each person is still unique in their value, worth, personality and character, but now they both no longer live for themselves, but for one another.

A selfish, self-absorbed, self-serving existence gets swallowed up by a selfless, sacrificial and a servant-hood life. The two no longer pull in two separate and different directions but focus on one vision. It is no longer what “I” want, but it now becomes what do “we” need to do “together” to accomplish “our” dreams and goals as one. Marriage is an “all for one and a one for all” proposition. The “stronger one” does not go on ahead on their own leaving the “weaker” behind. In marriage, either we both make it or we both die trying, but no one stays behind. Each one must identify the “kinks in the armor” and strive to protect and better that person, not expose and degrade them. If you’re not doing all you can to help make your spouse the best “them” that they can be, then most assuredly you are the “weakest-link” in the marriage for knowing their faults and for still not doing anything about it.

Our loving Creator so eloquently and poetically worded it in this way, “The two shall become One Flesh”. In love there is no “Me”, “Myself” or “I”. Our focus must not be an inward one. We must intently pursue to serve one another and to “out-do” each other in love. We should desire to look out for the other person’s best interest. This does not mean that we neglect ourselves as individuals, but we most certainly do not care for just ourselves and neglect our spouse. When we enter into the covenant of marriage, we do NOT become two living together under one roof —but “One Flesh”.

I know that we have all been raised to “look out” for number one—“Me” and in a sense we still need to follow that concept but with a new perspective. You see in marriage because we become “One Flesh”, our spouse now is our “flesh”. They are literally our body and we would never harm ourselves but only do and give it the best we have to give. Right? We shower ourselves with the best money can buy and we do not with-hold from ourselves the smallest or any of our heart’s desires. As a matter of fact we over indulge and treat ourselves as the most important person in the world. Within marriage, if we love and serve our spouse then we love and serve ourselves; conversely if we hurt and abuse our spouse, we are hurting and abusing our very own lives.

In God’s marriage economy “1+1” does not equal “2”. In God’s “One Flesh” mathematics: “1+1=1”. In short, God’s solution to this mysterious marriage equation is that “1+1=Forever Love”.

One Response to “One Flesh”
  1. Christina says:

    God’s economy … I like it!

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