When you make a vow to God, do not delay in fulfilling it. He has no pleasure in fools; fulfill your vow.  It is better not to vow than to make a vow and not fulfill it. —Ecclesiastes 5:4-5

Any male can say “I Do”, it takes a man to say, “I Won’t”. In a culture that purely exists for self-gratification and indulges only in their selfish lustful appetites, the word “covenant” is almost non-existent and kept as sacred even less. Realistically, most people probably do not know or understand what a covenant truly is. Ignorance runs rampant like a broken sewer pipe spewing toxic waste out, on and all over our streets. The “covenant of marriage” has been diluted into a “Managed Cavorting of Convenience”.

On both sides of the spectrum, unfaithfulness and betrayal by men and woman is found. In both instances they are just as vile, despicable and so destructive to each and every individual involved along with the family members who are dragged along the mire and mud of their dirty decisions and choices. Only time will one day truly reveal the countless numbers of lives that have been brutally shattered and murdered by the cowardly act of an unfaithful spouse.

Today within the next words, I will be specifically addressing the “males” or “men” who are reading. None the less the principles of a “covenant” are equally as binding to both sexes. Also please note that when I mention the word “marriage” it is within the Biblical context of one man and one woman making a covenant between a cloud of witnesses and God to love for a lifetime.

Saying “I Do” is the easy part. Parroting the vows is well, so simple a parrot can do it. The true test comes when the rubber meets the road and we are tested to live those vows out. The litmus test for manhood is taken when through our own selfishness the covenant that we made gets thrown in the fires of temptation. Will we honor or dishonor our word? The measure of a man is not found in the size of his penis or his sexual conquests. The stature of a “man” is not elevated by infidelity and betrayal, it is dwarfed, diminished and deflated. Sexual prowess outside of marriage makes you powerless inside your marriage.

What then is the measure of a man? To what do we males compare ourselves? The answer is simple, “Christ is the epitome of masculinity”. Therefore, His character must be our goal and measuring stick. When we look into the mirror to see what our hearts reflect, we must see that the nature and character of Christ is shaping, molding and staring right back at us. For example: Christ is faithful and has never betrayed anyone. Christ is integral and always keeps His Word. Christ is Truth and would never lie. Oh my beloved brothers and friends the list goes on and on, but most importantly — Jesus Christ is Love. The “covenant of marriage” is not a contract, it is the completion of a lifetime that begins and ends in and with love. A covenant is signed and sealed with your lives as the promise to honor it before God.

Males live according to their lower abased instincts like animals. Males will sniff the air like dogs in heat and pursue their uncontrolled desires like “lambs led to the slaughter” ignoring the fact that many other people will be devastated in the process. But you my friend were not created to just be a “male”, but to mature into a genuine and bona-fide “man”.

A “man will keep His word, his promise, the covenant that he made to his wife, family, friends and God regardless of how hard or tough it gets. Men will not break in the face of temptation or trials because there is too much at stake. Men realize that life is not a “hit and run” game to see how many notches they can get on their gun belt. Men, real men will be men who will keep their word even to their own hurt. They will honor it even if it goes against every fiber of their selfish and self-centered being to do the exact opposite. Real men do not live selfish lives but selfless ones. They give and lay down their lives for their wives and their families as Christ lived and gave His life for His Bride and family the Church. Real men don’t throw their families under a bus, sell-them out for a passing thrill or dump them all into the garbage for temporary pleasures. Real men will keep their word, honor their commitments and never ever betray their covenant to their wives, family or to their God. But if you have violated your covenant, there’s still time to grow up and mature from a “male” into a “Man”. Christ is your one and only remedy. Let’s Go For it!

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