Friday Night Date

Love is invincible facing danger and death. Passion laughs at the terrors of hell. The fire of love stops at nothing—it sweeps everything before it. Flood waters can’t drown love, torrents of rain can’t put it out. —Song of Solomon 8:7 MSG

At this precise moment and time in our generation only 51% of Americans are still married. There is a viral pandemic called “divorce” that is rampant in our nation and shows no signs of slowing down. The “Good-News” is that we do not have to become part of these alarming statistics. We can “Fire-Proof” our marriage and fully enjoy it for a life-time. My prayer is that this article may help by strengthening your marriage relationship so that it may continue to passionately burn without burning-out as God created it to be…for a life-time.

Men and Women are obviously “wired” differently. We don’t have to be married very long to discover this truth. Therefore being different, Men and Woman have very different needs. Today, I would like to briefly submit to Men an example of how to meet one of women’s primary needs which is “Romance”. Now I know that for Men, “romance” is not a great need, maybe more like a night-mare, nor is it on the “Top Ten” priority list, but for Women; for them it means the world. So buckle-up cowboy, quit revving that engine, put down that remote for just a few minutes, here we go.

Women are “wired” and have emotional needs, contrary to Men whose primary needs are physical. So with that in mind, here’s a “Friday-Night-Date” idea with your wife which may contribute not only to satisfying her needs, but also depositing “Romance-points” for you into her “love-bank” account. So that when you desire to “withdraw” from that “account” there will actually be funds available and not an “overdraft” which leaves the marriage feeling like it’s in the “red” and has negative balance.

1)     Monday:

Initiate something you may not have done for a very long time, for some it may e even longer. Send your wife an invitation via regular postal mail to a “Friday-Night-Date”. This act demonstrates many things that gruffly Men are usually not associated with or known for. For example being thoughtful, sensitive, caring, romantic, etc. I know, sounds weird, but you can totally do this.

2)     Tuesday:

Call her up and ask if she has received your invitation for a “date” and are wondering if she is available, would like to and will do you the honor of “going-out” with you on that night. Whether she has or has not received the invitation yet, does not matter. What you are doing is developing a sense of emotional excitement and stirring up her curiosity about this “Date-Night”. You are setting the scene for a very special night with the love of your life. Getting weirder? Be brave you are a warrior!

3)     Wednesday:

Send her an e-mail to verify and confirm that all is well regarding your Friday night invitation. Let her know how much you are looking forward to spending time just with her and how you just can’t wait for this day to come. You’re halfway there, No retreat, no surrender, no tapping out. Stick it out to the end!

4)     Thursday:

Send her a text message stating how much you appreciate and love her just because of who she is. Let her know how fascinating and interesting she is to you. How she never ceases to amaze and take your breath away. Come on guys, you are going to have to work with me here. Trust me, making your wife feel like she is the most important person in your world is well worth the cost of such “un-manly” behavior. You are going to make-it, you can do this…press onward and forward soldier. Go!

5)     Friday:

Call or e-mail her again and let her know that all is ready and you have taken care of a babysitter for the kids and tonight is going to be one of the best nights of your life because you are going to be able to spend it with her. Also let her know how she should dress because women want to always dress for the occasion. Almost there “tough-guy”, you’re just about there!

Make it all about her. Enjoy each other’s company and do all the things that you did before when your “First-Love” was fresh and new and the flame of your love was burning brightly. Always remember that no matter how hard and challenging it has been, we can always fan the flame once again. For God promises us that: “A thousand floods cannot and will never quench the flame of love”. –Songs of Solomon 8:7

6)     Monday:

Send your wife a “Thank You” not via postal mail, simply giving thanks for the time she chose to spend with you and how you can’t wait to do it all over again. Thanking her for an incredible night and how you are looking forward for a lifetime of “Friday-Night-Dates”.

So there you have it Men quick, painless and inexpensive but delivering a huge great impact that will result in you meeting one of your wife’s primary needs which will in turn translate into a joyful and satisfied wife as well as a more fulfilling marriage. Husbands, Men please always remember that having a happy wife means, you having a happy life. Don’t make this a one-time only deal. Strive to make this simple yet very important event a frequent activity. By nature Men are fighters, so fight every day in every way for your marriage. Keep the flame of your love and marriage passionately burning bright without it ever burning-out. Now GO…It’s YOUR turn!

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