Love Never Fails

 “Love never fails…”  

–1 Corinthians 13:8

Contrary to basic instinctual human love, agape love which is God’s love or the highest-level of love that exists, does not throw in the towel or quit when things get tough. As a matter of fact, agape digs its heels in deeper and braces itself for the long fight that’s ahead. Love patiently holds on without surrendering.

Love will never give-up, but will patiently endure when tempted to call it a “lost cause”. Love exercises restraint from anger because no progress or change is evident. Love replaces the “short-fuse” of anger’s deadly bomb with the long burning wick of a candle. Love patiently waits, restrains and endures until the end result is achieved.

 “Love never retires nor expires. Love is a forever burning unquenchable fire.”

Our greatest example is God Who even when He was rejected by humanity, patiently waited and restrained His anger. God never threw in the towel, quit or considered us a hopeless “lost-cause”. The evidence of His unconditional, relentless and unending love is when He sent His One and only Son Jesus Christ to take upon Himself the wrath that we deserved. While we deserve to be annihilated, God still patiently waits, with unyielding restraint because He will never quit, abandon, forsake or leave us for dead trying to survive at the mercy of the scavenging kingdom of darkness whose only goal is to kill us.

Whom have you been loving, praying for and waiting for change and progress? Have you been tempted to throw up your hands in disgust and just let them fend for themselves and suffer their own consequences? Have you had this thought, “They made their own bed, now let them lay in it”? Love never retreats, never surrenders and never ever quits. God has poured His inexhaustible love abundantly in your life through Christ so that you love others as He loves you. You have been designed and wired to unconditionally love, not to love with preset conditions. Love does NOT expire. Love never fails! Love is in it for the long-haul!

5 Responses to “Love Never Fails”
    • noizeology says:

      Thank you very much and thank you for taking the time to visit us. Please feel free to share with anyone who may benefit. Thanks again and may God richly. Continue to bless you and your loved ones.

  1. tentmaker says:

    Do you believe in universal salvation?

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