Giving Honor In Thanksgiving

“Give honor to whom honor is due.” –Romans 13:7

Today it is a massively, glorious and wonderful day called “Thanksgiving”. It is a day traditionally known for the roasted turkey, sweet potatoes, pies and a host of other dishes depending on your culture. Thanksgiving is known as a family day when we all gather together and celebrate if only for just this once. It’s usually a time flooded with love, peace and joy. But it is also a time of great pains, hurts and sufferings for others.

So today I submit a challenge to us all, myself included. I challenge us to “give honor to whom honor is due”. Simple enough isn’t it? Before you answer, let me explain. In order to honor someone, we must of our own free-will assign or give the proper value that they deserve as God’s creation. This means that no one is left out, discriminated or forgotten. This means that no one is left out, discriminated or forgotten. This means that we give honor not only to those who deserve it like our parents, siblings or friends who have loved us, but we also extend it to those family members or friends who have hurt or wronged us. We also give honor or value to the lonely, poor, homeless, imprisoned, orphans, widows and the sick.

I know I may just have not only rained but poured on your parade; but God honored us while we were still undeserving of such great honor. I suggest to you that the greatest “Thanksgiving” we can give to God is to thank Him by loving those who will remain unloved, disrespected, dishonored and forgotten unless someone dares to assign value to them as God’s creation and “gives honor to whom honor is due”. Each and every person without prejudice is worthy or our honor, respect and love.


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