Mentoring Your Married Life

Principle #1
Longevity in a married life is not what you pursue when married. Understanding one another, loving one another, caring for one another, hugging one another, kissing one another, forgiving one another, preferring one another, respecting one another, sacrificing for one another, constantly thinking of one another, these things will produce a long lasting married relationship. Don’t settle for nothing less!

Principle #2
You can try all you want but, perfection cannot be achieved. Perfection is a myth. The same is true about married life. It can never be perfect; but you can strive for the best married relationship possible. And I can assure you, this you can have!

Principle #3
Showing appreciation in the form of gifts to your spouse should never be limited to your anniversary, birthday, Mother’s or Father’s Day celebrations. It should always be part of a lifestyle that is constantly looking out for the needs of your spouse. Making a conscious effort to provide for his or her special needs at all times, will always secure your anniversary date to be a significant one. It will always mean something greater than flowers, chocolates and candlelight dinners.

Principle #4
Watch your words as you watch your weight. I always like to use weight control as an analogy to most of the good things we do in life. We eat right, do exercise, count calories, cholesterol content, sodium etc. Hoping we stay healthy and fit. The same is true with your married life. You must watch what you say, because negative words will contain high amounts of toxic material. We must watch we say  because, wrong words said at the wrong time are very hurtful. Then there are those things that we don’t say while saying them with our attitudes, body language and mannerisms that will clear the air and change the climate of the day, but most of all being careless about what we say to our spouse is just as foolish as eating anything and everything we want and hoping we will lose weight in the process. Wrong words produce wrong resullts.

Principle #5
Stay away from committing the three unpardonable sins of a married life:

1) At all cost, avoid betraying the trust of your spouse.
2) At all cost, avoid denying sex to your spouse.
3) NEVER become mentally, verbally, emotionally or physically abusive with your spouse.

Principle #6
Married Life is supposed to be strong, active, energetic, vibrant,  fun, interesting and full of movement. If none of these things are taking place in your relationship, then it’s suffering from a paralysis disease. Hurry up and make an appointment with a marriage doctor before your condition worsens and the relationship becomes too paraplegic to receive help.

Principle #7
Married life is very similar to the verse in scripture which says “if you give a little you receive a little and when you give abundantly you will receive abundantly”. The more you give of yourself to your spouse the more your spouse will think in giving back to you. The greater your investment, the greater your return. Always give of yourself to your spouse with generosity, make it your lifestyle, you’ll slowly reap the fruit in your married life.

Principle #8
The ideal Married life is like a wild river. It’s tide goes up and then it goes down. It runs its course going through mountains and valleys. It goes through storms, hurricanes and “mud slides”. It seems to have a will of its own, it keeps running and running towards its goal, the open sea. When it gets there, all the struggles, fights and tears, breake into little pieces becoming part of the “Big Ocean of Life” The principle is, you must endure the course of a good married life until it successfully reaches its final destination.

Principle #9
What married life is not; It is not a convenience store type of relationship. It is not a temporary solution to being alone or lonely. It is not for the faint hearted. It is not two people living under the same roof. It is not a journey without a destination. It is not a relationship only to have kids. It is not a relationship for solving your chaotic financial situation. It is not to free you up so your spouse can do all the work. It is not to live only to please one person. Niether is marriage meant for us to suffer from a lack of joy, company, friends, intamacy, all good things or a lack of tender moments. The principle is this: Married life is two people living life together to its fullest!

Principle #10
The key ingredient for you and your spouse to have a successful Married Life is the following:

Cultivate a lifestyle coupled with an attitude of constant service to your spouse. It will secure not only a lasting relationship but also one of respect, honor and love for a lifetime.

Contributed by:

Apostle Carlos H. Lopez


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