Be The Man

“And God said, “Let us make man in our likeness…” Genesis 1:26

What does a Real-Man look like? How does a Real-Man behave? What should the character of a Real-Man be?Am I a Real-Man? Is there more to “Manhood” than what I know? Is there more to this “Man-Thing” than scratching, grunting, sports, cars, TV, girls and having my very own “man-cave”? How can I be a Real-Man?

Real-Men don’t only dig their heels deep in the ditches; Real-Men also dig deep into their pride and wash dishes. Real-Men don’t just attack and take a mountain for their country;, Real-Men also attack and take for their wives a pile of dirty-clothes to the laundry. Real-Men roll-up their sleeves to help at work; Real-Men also help their kids at home with their homework. Real-Men put-in their 9 to 5 sometimes even over-time; Real-Men also give not only their time but their lives for their wives.

Real-Men are tough and strong in this brutal world, Real-Men also laugh and play with their boys and their girls. Real-Men aren’t lazy but work hard daily, Real-Men also make their families their ‘numero-uno” priority. Real-Men hang-out sometimes with the “boys”, Real-Men also grow-up and stop playing with their sinful toys.  Real-Men put the remote-control down and help clean up the house that’s been turned upside-down.

Real-Men take their eyes off of the TV screen so they can see their wives’ sexy beauty they’ve been missing. Real-Men won’t fear to cry with their wives at night, just to let them know that everything is going to be alright. Real-Men chase away all monsters from underneath their child’s bed and won’t leave until they’ve stopped nodding their head. Real-Men are faithful to the wife of their youth and will never betray their promise, their wives trust or God’s trust in you. Real-Men they are a hard breed to find, because Real-Men are those who are striving to be Christ-like.

So if you’re falling short of the measure of a Real-Man, all hope is not lost for you God also has a plan. You and I were created to be just like our Creator, but sin through disobedience became the great separator. But now through the “Man” of “men” Christ Himself, we can once again be restored to the former glory of ourselves. To be a Real-Man is indeed a great honor and call, to try to be again a Real-Man is very hard after a great big fall. But Real-Men take their licks, cuts and bruises, but after all is said and done to be like Christ he always chooses.

Be everything and all you can be! Be everything and all you have been created to be! Be everything and all you, your family and this world needs you to be. Be the Real-Man God has lovingly designed you to be! Be the Real-Man God has always believed you can be. Be the Real-Man God has been waiting for you to be for so, so long!


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