Am I Saved?

Testimony by Socorro Santiago Woman, Wife, Mother & Grandmother.


In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace… -Ephesians 1:7

Some months after I gave my life to Jesus, I didn’t feel sure about my salvation. So many things were going on in my life and none of them were good. In the midst of this madness I also had some of life’s biggest question after receiving Christ, “Am I save? If so, why are so many horrible things still happening to me and my family if Jesus is in my heart? Jesus if you were t come today would I be going with You or not”? I would cry out to God so much because I kept thinking that I really wasn’t saved.

One day at my church there was a special service. The church was completely full, there were no empty pews or chairs. The worship service was starting, there was beautiful music playing, the sister leading the service and all the people present were standing and singing to the Lord loud and some were even dancing before the Lord’s Presence. I got out of my seat and walked towards the altar with a very strong desire to pray and pray. It was there that my haunting question arrived to my mind again, “Am I saved”?. This was happening even as I was praying, crying and feeling the Presence of the Holy Spirit so strong.

I began to question God again, “Lord Jesus am I saved”, am I saved”? I was sobbing because I did not receive an answer to the question that was causing me so much pain and hurt. Then as I had my eyes tightly closed I heard something like a very soft voice that whispered in my native tongue of Spanish, “Mira” ( Look) so I just open my eyes and saw nothing. Even the church that was so previously so full of people was now somehow completely empty and silent.

I again closed my eyes and continued to pray and again the same soft voice again whispered to me “Mira” (Look). So I opened my eyes once again and looked directly at the altar. I then saw to my left a huge upright cross with Jesus hanging on it. There was blood pouring out from His forehead, out of His side, His hands and feet.  He looked at me through blood covered eyes which sparkled so brilliantly. He yanked out His right hand from the cruel nail that was holding it down on the cross and gently waves it over the top of my head. As His hand went back and forth over me, there was huge amounts of blood that was pouring onto my head. It just wouldn’t stop pouring.

I then clearly heard  His voice as He said, “With this blood I have saved you”. I closed my eyes once  again and began to weep and cry harder than I think I ever had cried  in my whole entire life. The tears that poured were because I finally had the answer to my question, “Am I saved”?. Jesus had answered my one life’s question, the question that was haunting, hurting and torturing me so much. He answered that dreaded question, Jesus in person forever took away all fear, uncertainty and doubt. Praise the name of the living God!  I thank you Jesus because You cared enough to still my troubled heart, mind and soul. Since that day I have never again doubted about my salvation. Jesus is the owner and lover of my soul, my life, my family and of everything and all. Amen. I know I am saved, you can be too if you put your trust in Jesus. I now forever know that…HE IS IN CONTROL!

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  1. waiting for you!! says:

    nice post..

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