Is Your Spouse Really Important?

 Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. Genesis 2:24

How important is your husband or your wife to your life? Is marriage just a cultural tradition that we just follow? Does it really matter anymore? Did it ever have any importance at? Let us explore just one reason why marriage, your husband or your wife are so critically necessary for you to fulfill your purpose here on earth.

Every man and woman has been endowed by God with unlimited potential. We all have inherent seeds of greatness that have been sown into the soil of our lives by the very hand of God. Most people will live their lives and not even know or notice these talents, gifts and abilities that lie dormant within them. Others have this hunger and itch constantly gnawing at their hearts that there has to be more to this life, but just don’t know how to scratch it.

Now here’s where marriage, the covenant between God, one man, one woman and the cloud of witnesses present on their wedding day will prayerfully give us some insight. Marriage is much more than just companionship, procreation and pleasure. Through marriage our potentials are released and our purposes become reality.

We all know that man has within himself the potential to create life through his sperm. In this same way, we understand that the woman also has the capacity to create life within herself through her womb. But isn’t it interesting that the hidden potential if both man and woman cannot be released in and of itself. One cannot claim to the other that he or she is not needed. In order for there to be life, or to have their individual potentials released and fully come to fruition in purpose as a new life, they must work together. What has been buried and hidden inside waiting to be discovered and released is only possible with each other.

In the same manner that man or woman cannot accomplish the physical birth of a child without each other, the husband and wife are potentially sterile and barren from releasing their full potential in life without one other. This is how important your husband or your wife is to you. The danger is that if we do not understand the role that god has given our spouses in our lives, we can die full or everything that we were supposed to give birth to. Our dreams, desires, creativity, ideas, innovations, inventions, books, songs, poetry, cures and on and on will all be buried with us in the grave.

A husband will draw out from deep within his wife the greatness that God has graced her with in the same way that the wife will help unearth everything the man was created to be. Can you understand how vital your spouse is to you? They are the ones who are going to help you become, succeed and achieve in everything you’ve ever desired to do. This is why they are called your helpmate. Not for the sole purpose of companionship, to keep you warm when you’re cold, do this or do that. But to actually be that person who will cause those seeds of greatness to not only be fertilized but to be birthed into existence.

Without your husband or your wife, we will never become everything we were created to be and accomplish all we were placed on this earth to accomplish. This is just one of the many functions of a husband and wife within the wonderful covenant relationship of marriage, but I think it’s enough for now to meditate on and rethink our position on we perceive and treat our spouses. That person that you married is the person that God will use to transform you from just a larva, to a caterpillar and finally release out of your long-lived cocoon into the extra-ordinary butterfly you were always intended to be.


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