Men Are The Head

For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.  Ephesians 5:23

Many of us men have used this scripture with pride in our homes when speaking to our wives. We have used it as a royal scepter to beat our wives into submission. This scripture has been misused and has resulted in the abuse of many women as well as children. The misconception has been that because men or husbands are given the position of the “head” over their wives or household, that they now are to rule as a tyrannical king with absolute power. Nothing could be further from the spirit and heart that God intended for this Scripture to express.

Men or husbands truly are the “heads” of their wives or their homes, but it’s not because they have been given the right to push everyone around or to be waited on hand and foot. Men are called the “head” for one very important reason. As a matter of fact you as a man may decide after reading this that you no longer desire to be the “head” of the house. Men are the “head” because they are fully responsible for the home. Men are responsible for everything that does or does not occur there. The “buck stop” with the man. What ever happens in the home, is the man’s fault because God will hold us responsible. God will one day call us to be accountable for the wife and children he entrusted into our care. He will demand an account of their welfare, their safety, their joy, their prosperity, their health, their spiritual life and everything else that a life entails.

The “head” is the command center of the body. It is not better, just different. In the same way the man is to lead his family in the life that they have chosen to have together. God wired the family to follow the man when he leads. They will willingly go where you take them no matter where that may be. This why you are the “head” and not the tail. you are responsible and accountable not only to God, but to your family as well. Furthermore, you are responsible and accountable the great cloud of witnesses that were present on the day of your marriage when you both said, “I do”..

Men you are the head because you are responsible to lead your family to success in every area of life. Men must lead by example. Men must demonstrate a godly life of love, joy, peace and commitment to God. Men must be able to love their wives because they have first experienced the love of God first in their own lives. Men must model a great Dad to their children because they have been fathered by their heavenly Daddy first.

Men this is critically serious. Please look at your family. What’s going on in your marriage? How is your wife? Does she “feel” beautiful, loved and accepted? Or does she feel neglected, gross, fat and unwanted? Do you even know her anymore or have you lost interest in the wife of your youth. Has the passion faded? Has the fire been quenched by life’s troubles and hardships? Do you even look at her like she’s the only woman that exists in the universe? Have you assured her that there is no other woman above her and that you could never live without her?  Do you care for her as the most valued, prized and priceless treasure ever entrusted to you by God? Does she fell safe and secure with you?

Look at your children, what’s going on with them? What are they thinking about? What are their struggle, their fears and dreams? Do you even care? Are you just too busy or too tired? Who are they following? Are they secure because they know they have a father that will always protect them and never abandon them.  Have you taught them about what happens as they grow older or have they learned about life from T.V. and their school friends? Men this may not be what you want to hear, but the condition of your family is a reflection of your life. It is an expression of who you are, your character and what;s going on inside of your heart. Men if you want to be the “head”, then be the head and “Lead”. Take the helm, love them, respect them, cherish them, honor them, be strong and courageous; and you will see that where ever you may lead they will follow because you have been called by God to be the “head”.


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