Women Are Men’s Glory

“…but the woman is the glory of man.” 1Corinthians 11:7 NIV


There is absolutely no shame when a woman surpasses the man financially or on the  ladder of career success. While the man’s primary responsibility is to be the provider, he must also ensure that the woman’s full potential is released & her success never suppressed, even if may potentially overshadow his own.

God has entrusted her to you so that you may entrust yourself to her care & well-being in every area of life, in all spheres whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. You are not the “head” just for the sake of having some title. You are the head because you are responsible for her. In other words, “the buck stops there” with you. This is the reason why she gave up her name when she was married to you and took up yours. She is completely under your protection and care.

A man is a real-man when he serves his wife as Christ served His church. A man doesn’t compete with his wife or “jockey” for position because he is insecure in his manhood. Men are “God’s-men” when they decrease so that their wives may increase & bloom into everything & all she has been designed to be & to do. There is never to be competition between the husband and wife. Husband it is your sworn duty to ensure that your wife’s potential is completely released. In other words, the idea is not that men must now shelf all their ambitions and dreams just for the sake of their wives, the idea is that as you move-up in the world and continue to gain success, she is to be moving right with you; side-by-side in the same direction.

Men your mission…if you choose to accept…is to help her express who she is, so that God can express Himself through her & she can express to the world what the love of a Christ-like man can do. Whether she is up or down, joyful or saddened, confident or insecure, bold or fearful, feels beautiful or ugly, too fat or too skinny is completely up to you. I know that this is a sobering challenge saturated with responsibilities but as men we must always remember that our wives are and  always will be a reflection of you their husband…Think About It! “…the woman is the glory of man.”


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