Men & Women Equal? Ridiculous!

The problem with the women’s rights movement, women’s liberation, equal rights, etc. is that women are not equal. Women were not created to be on the same playing field with men. As a matter of fact, women are nowhere near the ball-park when compared to men. Women will never be in the same league as men. They will never be of the same caliber. For woman to demand equality with men in all areas of life is insane. For men to succumb to their demands is not only whimsical but a forfeiting of their manhood. As a man I declare that it is time to put woman “in their place” right where they belong! I will go even further & prove it Scripturally that women are not to be treated as man’s equal.

Do I have your attention yet? Ladies, have I riled up your emotions & made you just a little bit angry yet? Are you yelling out for my torture and crucifixion yet? Are you outraged that I would dare make such bold statements about women? Men, are you standing on your feet loudly clapping &cheering me on in a big husky manly voice? Chanting “manpower, manpower, manpower” with James Brown playing in the background, “This is a man’s world”?  Then let me clear this all up before the woman hire a professional lady assassin to snuff my life out & the men make me their king for the day. Smile. I promise it’s all going to be alright. Just please continue to read on.

Let me begin the rest of this conversation with a scripture. While there are many that support my case, I will focus on just a couple. So here we go. Let’s take a look at Ephesians      5:25 in the King James Version so that we may keep it all “official” like: “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it…” Read it again just in case you have sleep-apnea & nodded out or dyslexia & missed it. Don’t worry, take your time we’re not going anywhere. Finished? Ok, let’s move on.

For the men as well as the women this scripture is vital in understanding God’s perspective of the dynamic between a man & woman relationship. Even though this particular verse is describing the relationship between a husband & a wife, we can translate it over to the treatment men are to give woman in general. It speaks volumes of the view men must have towards women everywhere.

Husbands are to love their wives JUST AS Christ loved His church (us) & GAVE, DIED, SACRIFICED, HIMSELF, His LIFE for the church (us). The value that Christ placed upon the church was not an average or mediocre one. He did not view the church as just another whatever. He values and places the church or us as higher than His own life. He regarded the value & worth of the church, each & every one of us as greater than what He is worth. Is that insane or what? I know it almost sounds like heresy, but please don’t get caught in a theological web, listen to the spirit of the message.

God the Creator, fully God wrapped Himself in flesh & became fully man, raised His bride, the church, (us) higher than His own position out of love. He humbled Himself & became a servant for us all. Christ put us before anything & everything, even before Himself. He placed us first & last on His priority list. There was nothing of greater importance, worth or value than we were. Nothing & no one could ever compete with us as His everything and all. We are the objects of his affection. We are the center of His passion. He is consumed by His love for you and me.

Now, this is where it gets very interesting. If Christ placed such a high value on His church & He commands all husbands everywhere to love their wives just the same, then every woman who is fighting for equal treatment is selling themselves very short and even cheaper still. Every march for the equal & fair treatment of women is a march for the “short end of the stick”. Every protest to pass laws to make women” just like men” & to be treated without discrimination, bias or any difference is not a step up on the “pecking order” but a step down on the “food chain”.

Why is this the case? It is the case because men are to love or treat women how? Just like Christ did. And how was that? He valued her so much that He gave His life for her. To Christ her value was far greater than anything in or out of this world. Women you are not supposed to be treated by men as their equals. Men are to treat you as priceless diamonds and treasures. Men are to love women as the rare gift that God has entrusted into our hands not to lord over but to love, protect & serve. Woman as a whole are to be loved as Christ loves us, anything less is a sin & a crime not only against women, but against God.

A “real-man” or a “man after God’s own heart” who is Christ-like will do no less than do what Christ has done. Real men will value their wives or the female gender as a whole with honor, respect & dignity because they alone have been endowed by God the immeasurable worth of a woman. A real man will never feel inferior when he elevates a woman above himself because our authority is received only to the degree that we are willing to serve. Real men don’t have hang-ups or get complexes because they love a woman according to their genuine value. The only “girly-men” around are the ones who mistreat, dishonor, degrade, abuse, hurt, intimidate, disrespect, devalue and blatantly ignore God’s command regarding woman.

So women, quit demanding to be treated equally by your husband or other men. The truth is that if that man is too blind to see the worth & inherent immeasurable value that God has placed in you; then He doesn’t deserve to have such a precious treasure entrusted to him.  Now don’t get all puffed up with pride & go yelling at your husband about what Brother Tito said & that he better get with the program before you kick them to curb just yet. Men, relax I know this hurts like your favorite team not making it to the super bowl, world-series, or NBA Championship, but you just may thank me later. So stop banging on the desk with your ape-like fist and grunting like a cave-man; I promise you’ll get your turn to rejoice soon. Okay, ready? Here we go!

While God commands men to love woman by giving themselves for & to them, He never placed women in a dominate position over men nor are men to bow down to woman in “un-Biblical” submission. I know, I know women what you’re thinking, “I had to go and pop your party balloons”, but we should know by now that is NOT how love, God’s love works.

Women listen to me very carefully. God has wired men to love you in the very way that He commands in the very same way that He designed you to be able to receive hiss love. Man will place himself in harm’s way for you. He will lay down his life in a heartbeat if necessary for you because God has designed him to do so. Why do you think that it has always been men who have fought our wars? Men have marched off to their death time and time again without hesitation. They never looked back or had any regards for themselves.

What was their motivation? What inspired them to move forward? What was so valuable & important to them that they would rather die than lose? It was you, their love for their woman & their family. Men are wired to love you as Christ loved the church, but your response has to reciprocate that love. In other words you, the church; has to learn how to love your husband or Christ with all your heart, soul, strength & mind through respecting & honoring him. Let’s look at Ephesians 5:33: “Nevertheless, each one of you must also love his own wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.”

God created each man & woman with purpose & designed & wired us to fulfill that very same purpose. The marriage equation is not an easy proposition, as a matter of fact it is a lot of work; but it is a possible mission. It would be an unfair & demented God to command & expect from His creation something that He did not provide. Thankfully our God is not unfair or demented, He is Just & Wise.

Marriage was designed by God to be the most satisfying & fulfilling experience here on earth. Marriage is just a prelude of what God has prepared for His bride when we are finally with Him home in heaven. Now if you have the taste of a bad marriage in your mouth, then this may not be something you’re looking forward to. But bad marriages, broken marriages, divorces, abusive marriages only occur because the purpose or reason for marriage is unknown.

Anytime the purpose or the correct use of something is not known, will always result in its misuse which is abuse. Even if you have been in that situation & have overcome it, are in it right now or are just so broken you don’t ever want to hear about another man or woman again; God is in the restoration business. As long as there is a today, you have every opportunity to experience a fulfilling, successful marriage in the way that God designed and intended it to be experienced. It is never too late to repair or “fix” a marriage if it’s broken, because when you were married you purchased a “forever till death do us part” warranty. So bring it to the Creator the Manufacturer of marriage & allow Him to put it back together. If you haven’t been married but are thinking about it, then learn these truths so that your marriage may be a strong, successful & satisfying one.

Women, if you understood your immeasurable value, you would never feel inadequate or, less-than, intimidated, inferior, ugly, undesirable, unwanted or “not good enough” ever again. You are a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered by the man who understands your worth and is willing to uncover it. You have never been inferior to men in God’s view. Men have just been very dumb & stupid to see that the best of life is smack down right in front of their foolish ugly faces. But the great news is that we as men are slowly catching up & changing to be more Christ-like with each passing day. So that when you finally do choose your husband or if you already do have one, you will experience the satisfying & fulfilling marriage that God has desired for you both to experience. Remember the secret to him loving you with his life is: “wives respect your husbands”.

Men, I am also like you. I am also still under big-time construction & I understand you, but we need to man-up & mature into a love that goes beyond our understanding. As men, if we are operating under our own preconceived ideas or what we were taught in the streets, porno flicks, magazines, drunken uncles, drunker fathers or the hardest lesson of all the absence of a godly man in our lives; then we are in the wrong. We are dangerously malfunctioning & in need of repair. Men were created to be the heroes, the knights in shining armor that swoop down at the last second & save the princess from evil.

I mean think about it. Isn’t that what Christ did for us all? We were all sinners on our way to sure eternal destruction & right at the last second Christ swooped down out of heaven & rescued us from harm’s way. He took us up in His arms & ushered us far away to the safety of His love. He restored our honor, our worth, our dignity as men. Now in return, in response to Love loving us first & unconditionally even when we didn’t deserve to be loved; we must be like Him Who loved. In response to Love elevating us to a place of authority & dignity from paupers& peasants, to royalty and kings; we must love in the very same way.

Who of us men would deny anything that Christ asks of us to give to Him? Is there anything that you as a man would hold back from the one who took your judgment, pain, sins & punishment you so rightfully deserved? We may be strong, tough men, but we melt under the love of a God that saw the value in us as men & restored our dignity when all hope was lost. It is an easy thing to do for us as men to surrender our “everything” & all because of the love Christ expressed to us. How much more admiration, respect, honor & dignity do you think your wife will express to you when she experiences your unconditional &, selfless love towards her even when she may not deserve it or despite her imperfections?

A man who loves his wife with a love that is willing to lay down his life for her will receive the respect he so desperately desires & longs for. A man who loves & values her higher than she ever even thought about herself will release and uncover the greatness in her that will make him great. Just like you & I are willing to fully surrender and willingly submit to God because we know our well-being is foremost & His one & only concern, so will your wife surrender to you as a natural response to you but only if she receives and feels the same relentless unconditional love.

God gave us the secret needed in order for us to experience a joyful, satisfying and fulfilling marriage in the very way that He originally intended for it to be. That secret is found in “Life’s Manua” the Bible in the letter to the Ephesians 5:25-33(paraphrased); “Husbands, you are commanded to Love your wives as Christ loved the church & gave Himself for her. Wives you are commanded to respect your husbands as the one who is willingly laying down his life for you.”


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