Keys To Cultivating Our Kids-Key #1

 Have you ever wondered what happened to that adorable sweet little child you once knew?

Today in America, our youth are running rampant, disobedient, violent and apathetic to anything that resembles authority. The same kids that we once changed diapers for are the same ones who are now making us change our underwear with fear.

Our children have been given a raw-deal in today’s society and economy. The demand for both parents to work in order to make ends meet has left kids “home-alone”, raising them selves; igniting an epidemic of loneliness. Or simply no parent is present because they walked-out and our youth are left abandoned like orphans without a place to call home or a family of their very own.

Our youth today are more like out of control “weeds” that have grown anywhere and everywhere, looking for a sense of belonging and identity, but ending up being pulled in and from every direction.  Children need to be cultivated so that their growth is jammed-packed with purpose, meaning, significance, identity and a sense of destiny. Parents have the responsibility to do just that, we must learn how to “Cultivate Our Children”.

Here’s a verse we love to quote to our children with a huge smile from ear to ear, but today we are not going to zero-in on “children”, we want to focus-in on the word, “parents”.

“Children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right. Honor your father and mother”-which is the first commandment with a promise-that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.” Ephesians 6:1-3

The picture that the word parent describes here is “to produce” or “to cultivate”. A good illustration we can use here is the picture of a gardener who fertilizes, waters and cultivates the soil, seed and vegetation from beginning to end in order to maximize the growth of his crops so that he will produce and reap a healthy, vibrant and successful harvest.

As parents we are charged with the responsibility to fertilize, cultivate and pour into our kids lives with the same urgency and passion as a farmer. As we dive into these “Keys To Cultivating Our Kids”, let us do so with the understanding that having an awesome strong family is NOT a random unplanned accident. Having a healthy family is an intentional, decisive decision that chooses to take action and work hard with a relentless attitude until the seed produces a marvelous harvest. Together let us discover what God has to say about His idea the “family” and then  apply it to our lives. Parents I pray that we are in one heart and mind as we pursue the truth that: we need to cultivate our kids.

Key #1      Listening – James 1:19


“19Take note of this, Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry”


Active Listening

The first key is listening. In a technological advanced telecommunications world, communication is a lost art in which listening is the main ingredient missing. Our conversations must NOT be verbal wrestling cage-matches. Communication is not a competition or contest to determine who will be the last man standing. We need to learn to quiet our minds, hold our tongues and do our best to bend over backwards in an attempt to tap into and understand what our children are really saying. let’s discover what’s really going on inside of their hearts.Force your brain to care about what they are saying by making yourself repeat what you just heard, instead of racing and thinking of what to say next. The hard-core truth is that we as parents need to learn to tune-in to our children or they will eventually tune us out.

Today’s challenge

Listen quietly. Repeat to yourself what your child has told you instead of trying to have the next “smarty-pants” answer to retort with. Communication is composed mostly of listening not speaking, debating or arguing; so take some time today and quietly listen to your kid’s heart. You may be surprised not only of what you hear but of what you may learn as well.


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