Woman The Weaker Vessel?

Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life. — 1 Peter 3:7

Right from the beginning let me say that this is one of the most greatly misunderstood and misused scriptures in the Bible. As a matter of fact God, the Apostle Paul and the Bible as a whole have been accused of being sexist and a male-chauvinistic book. Scriptures like these have been used by feminist or liberalism to incorrectly assume and push their agenda that God and men have a sub-human or inferior view of woman. Tragically it has also been used by men who have desired to control, manipulate, exploit and oppress women.

My prayer is that where ever you may find yourself in this spectrum, that you may be convinced of the reality that God’s view in His Word regarding women has never been one of “lesser-value”, but to the contrary one of the “greatest-value”. There is no one to be more precious or important in a husband’s life than his wife.

In the Greek the word weaker is the word asthenes (772). It is a compound of two words, alpha G1 and sthenoo (G4599). Alpha is pretty well-known as the first letter of the Greek alphabet. In other words it carries the idea of first place, most important, first in line, at the top of the priority list or in value. Sthenoos is derived from histemi (G2476) which carries the idea that you have something that is so precious and valuable that you carefully set it up in the presence or in the midst of others to see and admire. In other words, you have a treasure so valuable, so priceless that you have taken every measure and precaution to keep it safe, but still have allowed it to share and shine its beauty.

The word vessel is the Greek word skeuos (G4632) which presents the idea of something so valuable and treasured that it must be handled with the greatest of special care like a priceless fragile vase. Get the picture here? God through the Apostle Paul in the Scripture is not demeaning woman as lesser than men. He is placing them up high as on a pedestal. As a great valued treasure that you would place in a glass case and place it on the fireplace mantle for all to admire. Women have never been less or inferior to men in any shape, way or form. They are of a higher caliber, in a league all by themselves.

Husbands do you give more attention, importance, care, time or money to your car then to your wife? Do you wash it, wax it, care for it and park it someplace where it won’t get dinged up or scratched but visible enough for all to check it out? Then you are placing your affections on something that doesn’t deserve or is worth your time. The only person in the world that is worth your full attention, time, money, love, energy and affection is your wife. Wives are not a bucket under the sink or a rust eaten old car plopped up on cinder blocks. Wives are priceless treasured vases of the greatest of importance and the most expensive fully loaded of luxury vehicles available. No women are not objects or things, but I pray you understood the comparisons.

One Response to “Woman The Weaker Vessel?”
  1. wordnerd says:

    I am not a greek scholar, but even a superficial study into Greek grammar will tell you that the letter alpha, in this instance, is used as a prefix/negative particle. It is akin to the word asymmetry: the “a” makes it negative.

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