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Fortress of Solitude Vs Man Cave of Distractions

Every man needs a fortress of solitude, rather than a man cave of distractions. By design, God created all males as thinkers, planners, strategists, and tacticians. The mind never sleeps. The mind is always processing. The mind is vastly powerful. Yet, many males have abandoned the natural use of their mind. Instead of going into … Continue reading

Staying In Love

“Anyone with a pulse can fall in love. Staying in love takes hard work. Make love a verb everyday.” -Andy Stanley Jesus said, “Love one another.” This isn’t a feeling. It’s a command to act. Love is an action that we strive toward everyday. If a husband told Jesus that he wasn’t in love with … Continue reading

Don’t Quit, There’s Hope

DON’T QUIT…He Who began a good work in you is FAITHFUL (though we can be faithless) and WILL complete what He started in and with your marriage. -Philippians 1:6 MARR-IAGE. Though we are image bearers of God, I’m, we, all of us are imperfect marred images. But in Christ there’s hope. MARRiED. None of us … Continue reading

Unique Marriage

Just as every individual is unique, God desires for every marriage that same uniqueness. In other words, we shouldn’t feel pressured to copy our parents, relative’s, friend’s or anyone else’s marriage. God provides us all with the same blueprint, foundation and raw materials; but how that final building looks upon completion is up to us. … Continue reading

Marred Images

Marriage is two “marred images”, being remade into the perfect image of God. Marriage is a journey not a one day event. It is a long process not a final arrival. It’s difficult to admit that we’re less than perfect flawed human beings. Yet imperfect and flawed are exactly what we are. The sooner we … Continue reading

Intense Fellowship

Every marriage will undoubtedly go through dry spells. There will be times of “intense fellowship” like disagreements, offenses, anger, etc. Yet none of these instances get husbands off-the-hook from “loving their wife as Christ loved the church”. Husband, you and I must love our wife despite and regardless of what has or hasn’t been said … Continue reading

Unmet Expectations

The incorrect understanding or the mishandling of expectations can produce much unnecessary frustrations. Unmet expectations can potentially put an end to relations. So how can we in marriage meet expectations and put an end to this ender? Lend me your ear. Expectations remain unmet because they’re internalized as opposed to externalized. Expectations are “played” or … Continue reading


Foreign threats are usuallyb the easier of the two to recognise. Domestic threats are more challenging. These include but are not limited to dishonoring, disrespectful and or abusive kids. Don’t allow your children to selfishly use and abuse your wife. Don’t allow your children to make a slave out of your wife. Another domestic threat … Continue reading

Boots Are For Stomping

MANHOOD IS SYNONYMOUS WITH CHRISTLIKENESS…then are we as men being like Christ?   If husbands are to love their wife as Christ loved the church and gave His life for her, then are we loving our wife by giving our lives for her? Husbands, whenever your marriage or family are under attack by darkness, you … Continue reading

Quit Cloning Your Child

I’VE FAILED AS A PARENT…if I shaped and molded my son to be just like me. Why? My son is created in the image and likeness of God, not in mine. To conform him or even worse, to make him feel and believe he’s to be conformed to be just like me, in my image … Continue reading

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